What is your go to breakfast in the backcountry?

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    • Shannon Swanson
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    • Shannon_Swanson
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    My Go to breakfast is always my "power oatmeal". I pre-package individual bags for each day filled with rolled oats, a scoop of WA chocolate protein plus and some powdered peanut butter. I boil some water with the jet boil every morning for my oats and instant coffee!
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  • When I'm hunting in the backcountry my go to breakfast is bobo's oat bars. They are approx 400 calories each, taste great and allow me to get up and start hunting without any cooking or hassle. The only downside is the wrapper can be noisy so plan ahead as to when to unwrap them
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  • Something pretty similar to Shannon except I'll throw a dehydrated egg scramble meal in for some of the days.
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  • Ok Kenton,
    What's yours?
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  • I pre pac  2 packets cocoa w/ a starbucks instant coffee to start and have a cliff protein bar,  I usually will only eat half at the most to start and then scamper off to hunt/glass and eat the rest at my first stop.  I like having something hot to drink first thing in the morning most of the time and my "mocha" starts the day when I'm in the back country.

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  • My go to is always going to be oatmeal with sliced or dried apples & the splurge "I can survive this" instant Starbucks coffee while sitting in my sleeping bag.

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  • also interesting

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  • I have a cup of High Fat Granola that I get from Yoke's bulk bins.  I put a scoop of Wilderness Athlete Chocolate Protein on it, with a little water (sometimes hot, sometimes cold)  stir and chow! 

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  • This past year I used Heather's Choice Buckwheat Breakfasts.  They were great!

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  • Nathan McMurtrey I have a tough time eating the same thing over and over in the morning.  I eat high fat granola with WA protein powder mixed with a little hot water.  I will also eat Big Sur bars in the morning, and sometimes I will hit the Heathers Choice Buckwheat pancakes.  All taste great, and are packed with dense calories.  The buckwheat pancakes stay with me the longest, then the oatmeal, them the Big Sur bar.  

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