Who is that in the mirror, looking back at me

I just finished my morning routine, was standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom, when a thought burst in,  Who is that in the mirror,  I turned around to make sure I wasn't about to be attacked by some crazy person, but it was just me there.

I looked again in the mirror, and realized it was just me, all alone, no one else,  someone who is slowly changing his ways, after 15 years of Illness, 15 years of living with a rare medical syndrome.

Having been told I would only live 5-7 years,  living in pain all the time, living through a divorce,  what a time the was.  But now I have lived 10 years longer than they told me I would.  I realized that I am in charge.

Since I made that realization, change is happening,  only one problem,  no one other than my sisters to share it with.  Very few have stuck by me.  When you get sick and your life changes you find out who your true friends really are........

As i pursue this changing life, maybe behind some door will be a new friend, companion someone to push me along or even drag me when needed.

After all, its easier to have someone help you than do it on your own.

Best wishes to all,


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