Getting ready for the 28 day challenge!

Hey guys, I'm gonna be starting soon and I am excited, but I have a few questions. What does the (1-3) mean in the  "Lean Life (1-3)" for the super man in day one.  Is it 1-3 servings?  

What would you recommend for someone who works out around 7-8pm for post workout?  Since the book states no late snacking after 7pm, am I just to gut it out and have 0 recovery after the workout, or should I fit something in?  

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  • The 1-3 means one to three tablets

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  • Hey Matt,

    1-3 for the Lean Life means that in the morning and at lunch start off with 1 lean life pill to see how your body feels. We need to have this as merely a disclaimer because people have different sensitivity to the natural caffeine in the Lean Life and 1 may be enough, however many people eventually work up to 2 or 3 pills twice per day. 

    I also workout later in the evenings so I would highly recommend you eat a balanced meal of low glycemic carbs and Protein for post-workout. No late snacking usually pertains to those people who are sedentary in the evenings. If you have finished a hard workout the Meal Replacement in the 28-day challenge is a perfect post workout replacement to help fuel and help recover those spent muscles. It has the perfect balance of high-quality carbs, protein and vitamins and minerals. Also if you are having trouble recovering try ending the day with a glass of water and a scoop of our Hydrate and Recover. 

    Hope this helps


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  • jessepaulsen if I am drinking my superman at around 6:30ish along with taking my lean life, and then eating breakfast not to long after that (say an hour), should I take my second set of Lean life within an hour of taking the first dose of lean life, or should I wait a few hours, like around the mid-morning snack or at lunch?  What is typical?  It seams that 2 doses within an hour would be much.  Thanks!

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  • Never mind, I guess I just need to read better.  Got it figured out.

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  • So today is day 2 and my first workout with a decreased calorie load and fewer carbs.  I felt normal walking into the gym, but then did my heavy lifting and felt strong as hell (well comparatively) but during my metcon/cross training I gassed out hardcore.  Guess I need my body to start converting this damned fat.  I am 36, 5-11, 255 with about 34% body fat.  I'll check in soon.

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