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Hi, I’m Bryan from Arizona and am 53 years old.  My life has been filled with farming, traveling, athletics, hiking and hunting.  In 2012 I had a hip replacement.  Since that time my energy level has decreased and I have gained some unwanted weight.  I believe this was caused by a decrease in activity.

I have two main goals for this 28 day challenge.  I plan to shed some unwanted weight and to increase my endurance.  I am currently as softball coach and want to be physically fit during the season.  I am currently 5'11, 193 pounds. My goal is to get back down to 173 pounds by shedding fat, but I also want to maintain the muscle and strength that I have.  It's not much, so I need to keep as much as I can.  I don’t believe that I am fat in any way, but I do have a little unwanted belly and I know that I will feel better without it.  I hope to lose the 20 lbs. by this summer before I hike Mt. Whitney, hike a 14ner in Colorado and hike the Gila Wilderness in New Mexico.  

I do have one concern.  I am not a soda drinker and caffeine has never been part of my diet, and I have always understood that caffeine is not good for me.  Should I still include the energy and focus drink?

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  • Hey Brian, 

    I have never been a soda drinker myself, however, caffeine is not bad for you when it is properly sourced and in the right amounts. The sugar in soda is the biggest problem. Many times people take an overwhelming amount and they continue to increase that amount as their bodies grow more and more used to it.  Everyone reacts differently to caffeine as well.If you already have ample energy during the day you do not need to take the energy and focus. The amount of caffeine is minimal and in 1 serving(two scoops) there is 124mg which is equivalent to a small cup of coffee. Start with one scoop and see how you feel. Just so you know, there is also caffeine in the Lean Life. Start with one before your meals and adjust accordingly. As long as you are not taking any caffeine after 5pm this should not disrupt your sleep patterns. You are also welcome to give us a call if you have any further concerns 1-800-300-1215.

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  • It has been a great few weeks.  The Green Infusion takes a bit to get used to.  I put it and the Chocolate Meal Replacer together and after a few days it seems to not taste so bad.  I actually look forward to it now.  At first I felt hungry and needed to eat about 1 hour later, but I have found that I don't eat as much during each meal as I used to.  I seem to have more energy during the day and I'm not as tired at night.  It seems that before the 28 day challenge I would get really tired about 9pm, but now I can go longer.  I have lost about 9 lbs so far. I only take 1 scoop of Energy and Focus. I like the chocolate Meal Replacer I purchased more.  The strawberry isn't as good.  I got a llama from a friend, so I am looking forward to some fun hikes! 

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  • Bryan sounds like you are conquering this challenge! It's such a great benefit to the 28 Day challenge is more energy, it's always much needed! Chocolate Meal Replacement is definitely the most popular flavor for sure. Have you tried Vanilla? It's really great for blending with frozen berries to make smoothies with, gives you a nice change of pace. Keep us updated on your progress!!! 

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  • Kimberly, I see that you also shoot a bow.  I love it.  Much more challenging than a rifle.  I actually have not tried the Vanilla Meal Replacement yet.  Yesterday I did prepare a Strawberry Meal Replacement smoothie with different types of fruit and it was good.  So much better than just water.  Any other ideas for the Meal replacement?  I must confess that I have not taken the lean life mainly because I don't want to take in too much caffeine. I drink the Superman during the day and I don't get sluggish.  Is the Lean Life mainly for losing weight?  I'm down 10 lbs. from the beginning! 

    I was also wondering about the Altitude Advantage.  This summer I will be hiking over 14,000 feet and want to be sure that I don't get altitude sickness too bad.  We went last summer and hiked over 11,000 feet and 1/3 of our group was sick.  Luckily I didn't get it too bad, just a little fatigue and a little light headed.  Does this really work? 

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  • Congratulations on your successes with the 28-Day Challenge. 

    For what it's worth, the Altitude Advantage is a life saver. I'm from the flat lands of the New York state lake plain and this product has helped me limit or even eliminate altitude sickness in the mountain west to well over 13,000 ft.  I hope it has the same results for you. 

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  • I will certainly be trying the Altitude Advantage this summer as I hike Mt. Whitney and some 14000 peaks in Colorado.  I am looking forward to it.  I have a son and daughter who get altitude sickness pretty bad, so hopefully this will help them.  I am still doing well with the challenge and plan to make this an ongoing challenge.  I definitely feel better and don't overeat in the evenings like I have in the past.  I am down 11 lbs. which is great for me.  Thanks!

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  • I am writing to give an honest evaluation of the 28 day challenge, the meal replacement, Green Infusion, Superman and Altitude Advantage.  My goal from the beginning of the 28 Day Challenge was to lose 20 pounds and to be in shape in order to enjoy the summer hikes. I accomplished this goal even though it took longer than 28 days.  

    Since beginning the challenge, I have been on a week-long 50 mile hike, a 3 day 30 mile hike and a strenuous 3 day 25 mile hike climbing to a 14,000 foot peak.

    At the beginning of the challenge I was hungry soon after drinking the Meal Replacement.  I found that I needed to eat a few nuts or something small to not get hungry.  The Green Infusion had a nasty alfalfa taste the first few weeks, but I now drink it with the chocolate meal replacement and I actually look forward to it. I didn’t think I would ever say that! I prefer the meal replacement in a fruit smoothie.  I took “Superman” nearly every day for a month before the 50 mile hike.  I have been on this 50 mile hike 11 times and I can honestly say that this was the easiest of all of them.  I don’t feel that I was in any better shape than in the past, but I strongly feel that taking “Superman” made a huge difference in the way I felt during all of the hikes this summer.  I felt hydrated and never felt exhausted even while trying to keep up with young adults.  I was the second oldest hiker, but was easily able to hold my ground. On the 3 day hike we climbed 4,000 feet in one day.  I was tired, but not exhausted.

    The last hike was perhaps the most strenuous.  Five days before arriving at 8,500 feet, my daughter and I began taking Altitude Advantage and then we doubled the dosage the morning we started at 8,500 ft. and climbed to base camp at 11,000 ft.  There were 18 hikers in the group.  I was the only hiker that did not take a prescription high altitude medication.  My daughter took Altitude Advantage and the prescription medication.  I did not take the prescription medication because I wanted to see how well it worked.  At base camp at 11,000 feet 6 members were experiencing high altitude symptoms, even while taking the prescription medication.  They felt so bad that they stayed at camp the next day.  Twelve continued to 13,000 feet and were unable to continue because of the high altitude.  Six of us, including my daughter and me, continued to the summit.  I felt short of breath, but other than that, I had no other symptoms.  My daughter felt a few symptoms.  Two others were quite sick on the decent and the other hiker had no obvious symptoms.  From my experience I strongly believe that the Altitude Advantage was a major factor in us climbing to the 14,000 feet summit.

    Attached are the before and after pictures.  I didn’t want to scare you by taking my shirt off, but I think you can tell the difference.  Others have noticed the weight loss, but more importantly, I feel better.

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  • Bryan McBride 

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  • Bryan, thanks for your honest evaluation of our 28 Day Challenge. You certainly applied your share of self discipline and hard work to go along with the nutrition supplied by the program. In fact, it appears to me that you are a beast!!!! Remember, the best way to get in great shape is to never allow yourself to get to far out of shape. Stay Wild and thanks for being a WA. Coach P

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