Time for Restoration

Hi everyone! My name is Bambi. Tomorrow is my first day of the 28-day challenge. I chose to start tomorrow because it also the first day of the T25 Beta phase workout I am doing. Since they both run 28 days, I thought it'd be good to align them for optimal results. I completed the first phase of the workout and though I did some results I did not have anything would warrant any wow factor. I do feel an improvement in muscle tone, but it is hiding behind a layer of flab.

A little about myself:

              I love the outdoors! I am passionate about physical fitness and nutrition! Some of my favorite hobbies include; snowboarding, fly-fishing, paddle boarding, hiking, camping, traveling, trail running, archery, hunting, observing wildlife and taking photos. I am currently working on my Ecology Degree; one day I will get paid to enjoy the outdoors and wildlife.

I am doing this challenge to help me get back in shape after donating one of my kidneys to an amazing cousin 11 months ago. I was not prepared for the shock my body would go through having its kidney function cut in half. I went from being a fit, healthy woman to having the symptoms of kidney failure overnight. It has been an eye-opening experience; I would never have known just how hard it is for a patient with kidney failure to function each day. In the beginning, I had to take a nap just to recover from taking a shower. I left the hospital weighing 11pounds more than when I checked in. Nothing fit and I had to buy new clothes. I can’t begin to express how grateful I was for the invention of leggings right then. I resumed light cardio workouts three weeks post op. I have been able to shed some of the weight and restore muscle, but I still can’t fit into the jeans I wore when I checked into the hospital. Don’t get me wrong; I do not regret donating at all. In fact, if I were offered a do over I would do it all over again. I am just ready to take action and maybe even became healthier and more fit than I was before donating.

Up until now, I have been reluctant to take any supplements since I had no idea how safe they would be for the health of my kidney. I also have to limit my protein intake now. I was drawn to the Wilderness Athlete products and have a great desire to give them a try. My last labs showed my kidney functioning at optimal levels, so I figure I am safe to give it a go. I will have new labs drawn in a month, so I can be sure my kidney health is still strong. I will post regular updates with how I am feeling through the 28-day journey.

Ready for some killer results and reaping the benefits this summer enjoying the activates I missed out on last year.

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/DivineOutdoorDiva

Instagram - divineoutdoordiva

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  • Hey Bambi, excited to have you to try our products and the 28-day Challenge. Keep us updated as you have a very unique story and I think that you will have some great results to help keep you physically fit for all of your outdoor endeavors!

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  • Bambi, It's great you already have a workout planned to do along with your 28-day challenge! Excited to see your journey here and glad you chose to share your story with us! With your special circumstances, I must insist that you consult your physician or healthcare provider before starting any dietary supplements. I'm sure you are well educated on the subject but just wanted to give you our public service announcement. Look forward to hearing more!

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  • Week 2 update

    Down 3 pounds the first week and another 2 pounds the second week. I haven't taken measurements yet, but I did move down a notch on my belt and noticed a difference in the way my ski pants fit. A few people have said they can see a difference in my face. My boyfriend says he can see a difference in my overall physical appearance.

    I love that I do not seem deprived or feel like I'm starving. This week I decided to bump the Lean Life up to 2 capsules since I'm at the halfway mark. Since I am still seeing results I have not replaced a 2nd meal with the Meal Replacement yet. 

    Looking forward to seeing the overall end result!


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  • The 28-day challenge was designed to not be like many programs out there that deprive you of calories and rob your body of precious muscle.Congratulations and keep it up.

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  • I finished out the 28 challenge with some noticeable results. 

    Body fat down 1.5%

    Weight Down 5.5 lbs

    Down a total of 4.5 inches

    I am finally able to wear the jeans I wore to the hospital 1 year ago when I donated! 

    My overall health is great! Blood Pressure is the lowest it has been since donating!

    I am not ready to stop here. The overall muscle definition I am seeing just blows me away. I did the first 5 weeks of the T25 without results, I did not have the Wilderness Athlete at that time. I did the next phase of the workout with Wilderness Athlete and saw some pretty incredible results in only a few weeks. I plan on continuing to use the Wilderness Athlete as I go through the 3rd phase of the exercise program. 

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  • That is awesome Bambi ! It's amazing what some quality nutrition can add to your workouts. Please keep us updated and keep on working!

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