Nutrition Mistake and Question

For the last few years I have been running the Wyoming operation for the R and K Hunting Company which is an outfitter both in Utah and Wyoming.  The lodge and hunting is amazing, and the Lodge staff always makes sure there is no lack of great food.

I always joke with the hunters that they may go home weighing more that when they came, because of the meals.  Well, that is true, and with the guides as well.

So this is where things took a change.  I went there this year in great shape and at a weight that was acceptable.  Not wanting to loose any of the gains I have made nor gain any of the unwanted weight from great food, I controlled what I ate.  Spending two months and guiding every day for Deer, Elk, and Antelope My mistake was having a low caloric intake.  I was eating high protein and very healthy. Pushing away the extra sauces, deserts, and breads, BUT, that calories weren't high enough to sustain my activity output and my body ate away at itself.  I started the season at 195 lbs and 12% body fat but ended the season at 180.  

I know better, but didnt pay attention to the fact that my body was working hard and needed to be fueled.  My training went from Train To Hunt workouts (in the gym and on the mtn) to living in the mountains.  

Question:  What are some of the foods that you carry in your pack, eat prior to the hunt, or supplement that keeps you fueled for high expenditure of energy int he field?

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  • Dave, I hope you like nuts! The downside to almonds, cashews and peanuts is the calorie load that accompanies them. The upside is, in this instance, the calorie load that accompanies this high protein, high fat snack. When I read your comment, I would guess that three to four handfuls a day could add an additional 400-600 calories to your diet. I started elk hunting 30 years ago and loved putting my own trail mix together with m&m's. I got away from that and I regret it. If you bring some WA shake into the woods with you and add it to your water, along with the trail mix , you will think you just landed at a Dairy Queen! Coach P
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