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Hey everybody!  My name is Justin (@fanaticoutdoorsman on Instagram).  I received my 28 Day Challenge order today and I'm starting right away.  I've always stayed in pretty good shape, routinely worked out, ate well, etc.  However, the past year I've seriously slacked off.  I put in a lot of time at work and have two little ones that take up most of my free time, so it was easy to fall off the wagon.  I'm determined to rule my resolution this year, shed some pounds, and get into the best shape of my life.       

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  • Good luck! 

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  • Thanks Sam...likewise

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  • Hey Justin,

    Wishing you the best of luck on your 28-challenge! With your time constraints and little ones at home taking up your time, this is a perfect fit. It will help you not only hit your goals of shedding some pounds and getting in shape but also give you more time and energy to tire out those kids of yours. If you have any questions or advice please don't hesitate to give us a call.


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  • Hi Justin, welcome to the challenge! Life is definitely busy and can get in the way of keeping up on your healthy habits! Good luck and please let us know if you have any questions with workouts and/or meal prep, we are here to support you! 

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  • Thanks Jesse and Kimberly!  Appreciate the encouragement and offering your assistance.  The first few days have gone well.  The only struggle I've had is fitting in the mid-morning and afternoon snacks, which I know are important to keeping up my metabolism.  Yesterday and today, I've been better and making sure I set a reminder for myself.  Other than that, I'm feeling great and loving the extra energy and lack of hunger cravings throughout the day!  Will post back with more updates.  Thanks again! 

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  • Latest update....still hitting it hard and sticking to the plan.  Biggest challenge I'm still having is actually eating enough.  Fortunately it hasn't beat me down and I'm not dragging.  I just need to keep setting reminders and be more aware of my daily calorie intake.  Overall, making great progress and not quite halfway there.  I haven't weighed myself, but I can see the pounds shedding.  Excited with the results so far!

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  • Sometimes it is hard to eat enough during the day, especially when the day gets away with you! Keep up planning ahead and it will all become normal habits for you! 

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  • Update #3...Still crushing it.  Sticking to the plan is definitely getting easier with each day.  It's becoming second nature.  I didn't mention it earlier, but I've been hitting up Cross Fit twice a week and running/walking at least 3-4 days, which is working out great.  With my meal replacement shakes, I bumped it up to breakfast and lunch and also started adding Black Chia Seeds to the mix, which seem to help me feel fuller longer.  Bottom line, I'm loving everything about the 28 Day Challenge.    

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  • Justin, 

    I'm glad to see I am not the only one who is using Black Chia Seeds haha. I often mix them in with a superman as my mid morning pick me up/snack. You can't beat the fullness and additional protein, omegas, and fiber you get either. Keep it up! 


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  • Update #4...Last day of my 28 Day Challenge and I'm amazed how quickly it flew by!  I'm also amazed at my results!  I ended up dropping a little over 11 lbs, just shy of 3 lbs per week, over the 28 days and I have to say it was way easier than I anticipated.  I was initially concerned with feeling sluggish, being hungry all the time, and all the other "fun" stuff associated with losing weight and getting back into shape.  However, WA's program really helped push me through and made things super easy.  The best part is it doesn't stop here.  I feel WA's program has rewired my brain and body to keep getting after it and totally destroy my former dad-bod.  


    Huge thanks to WA for putting out Rule Your Resolution and the 28 Day Challenge!  I hope more people take advantage of this awesome program and supplement package.  I've been a long time fan and customer of WA and after seeing the results of the 28 Day Challenge, you definitley have a customer for life!


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  • We really appreciate your kind words and the support Justin. It really is a rewiring of your brain and body and with the results that you saw short term with this 28-day challenge is really something that can set you up for long-term success as well. Please let us know if we can be of any help and don't stop progressing. Check our Elite line of Brute Force and Brute Strength for maximum muscle gains. 

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