Preparing to start the 28 day challenge...

Hey guys, so im getting ready to start the 28 day challenge and I keep reading the tracker and guide and im looking for a little reassurance that im planning my diet accordingly as far as when i eat, take a shake, and take the vitamins and supplements ... i work a unique schedule and its constantly changing between days and nights so the timing might seem a little off but this is what im planning on doing if im understanding all this correctly. im also unsure how many of the lean life pills im supposed to take a day. they're in the book "Lean life pill (1-3)" 2x a day. am i taking 1 each time it says it??? so please take a look at my plan, any advice will help GREATLY!!!! also throughout a posted a few questions... THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!


0700-0730:Wake up

                     *Hydrate + Recover/Energy & Focus Combo (does this mean im drinking 2                       seperate shakes as soon as i wake up?

                     *Lean Life Capsule (1-3) ??????


                    *Meal replacement shake w/ green infusion (does this mean i mix the green                       infusion right into the shake?)

1100:Mid-Morning snack

                  *Fresh fruit or veggies


                  *Lean Life Capsule (1-3)

1400: Lunch

                  * Lean Protein and a leafy green salad

1700:Afternoon Snack

                  *High Protein/Fiber snack


                  *Lean Protein and veggies


2300:Bed time

                  * 1-2 complete probiotic capsule



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  • Hey Alex, Starting off your morning you are going to take that "Superman Mix". It is 1 scoop of Hydrate and recover with 1 scoop of Energy and Focus in 16-20 ounces of water. You have 2 options with the Green Infusion. Throw a scoop in your "Superman" or a scoop in your Meal replacement. You DO NOT want to take Green infusion by itself. It tastes like...Greens lol. Now after the "Superman" you will take 1-3 Lean Life. Start off with 1 to see how you feel. It has a small amount of caffeine in it so gradually try to increase to 3 if you can. This will all be 20-30 Min. before your Meal Replacement shake that you can take with almond milk or water w/ or without Green Infusion. You will repeat the Lean life before your healthy lunch and after that everything else that you have labeled looks good. 

    Please give us a call if you have any doubts or questions.

    Good luck!



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  • Hey Alex,

    On the Energy and Focus I meant to put 1 serving which would be 2 scoops in your "Superman". 


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  • Thank you Jesse! HUGE HELP!!!!! hoping to go grocery shopping tomorrow and start the challenge on sunday.

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