Workout/Rest Balance

I started this week going to the gym 4 days a week.   Previously I was 6 days a week and was continually seeing a reduction in output as the week went on.   By Saturday I'd be too tired to put in a full effort to complete the workout as I would like.  In hindsight I also think that one day off wasn't enough time to recover. 

Now, I've switched to working on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.   I'm making a focused effort to not workout on the remaining days.   At the most i'll walk the dog but the key thing is to rest. 

So far, I've noticed an immediate difference.  Giving myself an extra full day to recover between workouts has been huge.   This week we did a deceiving workout.  3 Rounds for time.  500 meter row,  20 Burpees, 15 front Squats.  The RX weight was 135lbs but I went for the 95 and am glad I did.  This is a good workout you could do at home.  If you don't have a rowing machine sprint up a hill.  Typically it takes about 1:50 to 2 minutes to complete a 500 meter row so try to replicate some type of run.  Maybe 400 meters?  Burpees require no equipment.  If you don't have access to  a barbell, get a heavy sand bag or fill your backpack with weight.   Make sure to keep your chest as upright as possible.  I finished in 18:52.  If you do this workout post your score in the comments and let me know how you did. 

Another big plus for me this week was hitting a PR on my front squat of 215lbs.  It is amazing what rest can do for performance. 

I was able to get out to the range once this week and shoot.  It felt good and the weather in Colorado has been perfect.  We're getting highs in the 70s during the days and lows in the 40s at night.  Hoping to make the most of these last days of October before the range closes.

I still have not been able to run.  My Achilles tendinitis is there,  not as bad but i'm not running where possible. 

Ski Season opened in Colorado on Friday with the first resort starting to run lifts.   This time of year is what I call the "White Ribbon of Death"  not beginner friendly at all.  The resorts usually have only 1 run open and about 2,000 to 3,000 people waiting in line and all coming down the hill at the same time.   Perfect environment for a lot of skier to skier collisions to occur.  I'll wait until later in the season, usually mid-November to get up into the mountains.  We've been really dry in Colorado and with the temps in the 70s it hasn't been great for snowmaking. 

I'm going to get my skis into the shop this week so they're waxed and ready to go.  All the rest of my gear needs to be pulled out of the basement and that's always a good sign that winter is here.  I'm really looking forward to getting into the mountains and playing this winter. 

I'll be sure to post and keep updates coming on the Probiotic which I'll start this week and the Altitude Advantage which will be key when the snow really starts to fly.  

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