Late Season Fly-Fishing/Probiotic update

My family is out of town this weekend and I took advantage to get some jobs done around the house.  I worked most of Saturday so that I could enjoy some time on the water today in the mountains.  I hit a hard workout yesterday morning and simply had no juice.  I had to take my family to the airport at 4am so I was on about 5 hours of sleep.  Probably not a smart idea to try to get a Crossfit workout in on such little sleep. 

Today I got out on the water and did some fly-fishing.  The river was very busy.  The hatch was on however and I had some luck landing a few brown trout.  Condition were hard as it was in the mid-40s back in the canyon but as the weather warmed up the fish started working more.   Key take-away was late afternoon was better.  We've had much warmer weather than normal in Colorado and it was a great day to be outside.  Flows have been pretty low but I found by taking my time to work some pocket water and watch I could find good places.   I'm amazed by the amount of guys who show up to the river.  Jump out, gear up and charge down to the water,  crash in and start throwing flies.  I think that fly-fishing is very much like hunting.  I spend a lot of my time watching and observing the water before I move down to it.  I'm always aware of my shadow as walking along the banks a simply shadow overhead can spook fish. 

This has been my first full week on the WA probiotic and it has been an absolute game-changer for me.  My biggest difference has been the lack of cravings and what I feel is spiking blood sugar.  I don't get Hangry (hungry/angry) anymore which is nice.  A simple anecdote is that I went fishing today and didn't really have a much breakfast.  I was on the water for several hours and while hungry it wasn't where I had to get off the water and eat.  It didn't distract me from the task and I was able to fish longer and come home in the afternoon.  

I will continue with the Probiotic for sure. 

This week I'm going to meet with the Nutritionist again and get the results of my food sensitivity test.  I'll report back later in the week and share the results and my diet plan going forward.

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  • Great post.  I am an obsessive fly fisherman and my hangriness has been known to reach epic proportions!  It is not uncommon for me to have my first meal after 4pm and my last sometime after midnight.  It plays hell with my body and my family grows intolerant with me quickly.  Will give the probiotic a try.  Sounds like your experience describes something I'd benefit from.  

    On a side note, I'm a new convert to WA products and have been shocked at the difference its made.  My introduction came by way of an 8-day fly fishing trip to the SW corner of CO, backpacking in and spending the entire time out of a tent.  Can't say enough about Hydrate/Recover and Focus/Energy.  Game changers in my book.  I use the stuff constantly now and have been pushing it on my team mates at work.  During this trip I picked up a Ross Colorado LT and have found it to be a front runner for my favorite in a stable that includes Hatch, Abel, and Hardy reels.  Tight lines, Mr Anderson.  

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