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Last week I meet with a Nutritionist to go over the results of my Food Sensitivity test.  This was a blood test that I had taken to get a better understanding of how I could reduce stubborn belly fat and feel better.  After working out with CF for two years and going 3 to 5 days a week in addition to what other people have agreed is a healthy diet I was seeing no results.  In this journey of health I try to pause and ask myself if what I'm doing is getting the results I'm looking for and the answer was no.  I had never meet with or consulted with a nutritionist and it seemed like the only logical step.  One of my frustrations I expressed to them is that I have peers who can do the same level of physical activity, slightly tweak their diet and weight just falls off.  I was seeming to gain it.

They gave me two pieces of advice.

1. Stop the Crossfit or greatly reduce involvement.  Crossfit is extremely intense and as such raises the cortisol levels in the blood.  For those that don't know Cortisol is a stress-hormone that can cause us to hold onto fat.  It's purpose is that if we are stranded in the mountains trying to survive, our bodies will hold onto fat because we do not know how long we will be there.  It's part of our evolution of a thousand years and very difficult to change.

My problem was the day in and of itself.  Having a full time job, two kids, wife, and all the responsibility that goes into it slowly built up in stress during the day.  Then I would go to Crossfit to do what was in my mind, distress but only increased the strain on my body.  This caused me to just hold onto fat.  In addition, the high-intensity workouts that get your heart rate into zones 3-5 are only burning carbohydrates.  That is why I would come home and crave some type of food.

True fat burning occurs in Zones 1 and 2. 

2. You likely have food allergies and that is causing unnecessary inflammation. 

I had to take a blood test which tests for 96 different types of foods.  My results came back and some of it made a lot of sense. If you're a person who pays attention to what you eat and how it affects you then what I found out was in line.  The test results are broken down into 3 levels, 1, 2 and 3.  1 Being foods that you can eat but maybe only once a week.  2 should be once a month and 3 should be never or rarely at all. 

My level 3 foods are Milk, Yogurt and Malt (Say good bye to Beer).  The milk stuff isn't surprising since I was lactose intolerant as a kid and still have a difficult time processing dairy products.

Level 2 was Cheese and Eggs

Level 1 was long,  including Gluten, wheat, garlic, baker's years, lettuce, lemon, watermelon, cola and cinnamon

The nutritionist said that my diet would be a challenge because, I have allergies two three groups that are in most everything; Gluten, Eggs and Dairy.


So going forward I have to be very careful in what I eat.  Now, I could eat something from the level 1 group like watermelon but it will take 72 hours for my gut to completely heal. 

I can eat as much meat as I want (YEAH!)  and vegetables including potatoes, corn and rice.  But no gluten, baked goods, eggs or dairy. 

I've only been doing this for a week and it has taken a lot of planning on my part.  Before I would read ingredient labels with the mindset to find healthy things and know what was in them.  Now I'm putting stuff back because I cannot eat it.  I'm finding that Garlic is in ALOT of things. 


So, my workout routine has changed a lot as well.  I try to get to Crossfit once a week.  I've started to run more and swim at my local recreation center.  My goal is keep my heart rate down in levels 1 and 2.   This is going to be a 3 month experiment and i'll update as it goes.

So far, I'm feeling much better with noticeable levels of energy and my biggest difference has been sleep.  Which is much much better. 


I'm all geared up for Ski Season, got the kids and gear ready to go.  But we are having just crazy Dry and warm weather in Colorado.  I don't think it's rained since September and while sunny weather in the high 60s is nice I'm really ready for some rain/snow and colder temps. 

They had to push back the opening of several resorts in Colorado because of the weather but I'm still aiming to get my first day on the mountain in next week and cannot wait. 

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  • Scott-

    I have been through very similar workout routines (former CF addict) and food sensitivities.   My major food issues are gluten and casein protein.  I have cut out gluten and dairy completely previously and finally relented due to difficulty managing meals on work related travel.  I'm in the Denver area and looking forward to the slopes opening soon as well.  Good luck on the revised workouts and diet!  I will likely be following a similar path soon.

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  • for me it is interesting just at the moment.

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