Powerlifting Training using WA Supplements

Doing a powerlifting meet in a couple of months and using WA supplements, the multi and Brute Force. Is this the area to post a training log leading up to it? 

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  • Hey Bill,

    Of course, you can post your training log to this thread. I would love to see your progress and regimen. Take a look at our Brute Strength as well which has really helped me in recovery and my strength improvements. 


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  • Ok, here we go then. I'll start out at the beginning of this 3 week phase. 

    Week 1 Day 1

    12" box squats 275x4, 300x4, 325x5

    Safety Bar pause squats 215x7,6. 

    Conventional Deadlifts 365x3x3

    Thanks for the suggestion Jesse. Since I'm Canadian it costs too much to have stuff shipped up (which makes no sense since the local supplement stores sell American made supplements at the same price as Canadian made). I'll stock up next time I head down south 

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  • Hey Bill, If you are worried about shipping look into our Loyalty program which offers Free Shipping.As long as you can get it past customs without getting randomly dinged.

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  • Week 1 Day 2

    Bench Press w/ 2 second pauses 250x4, 270x4, 290x2

    Flat Dumbbell Prs 75x12,12,12

    Flat Flyes (rest pause) 50x14,13

    Bent Laterals (rest pause) 30x13,13,13

    L Holds 2x23sec, 2x22sec (holding in a pull up position with the arms at 90*)

    Hammer Curls 4 sets

    Choked Blue Band Pushdowns x26,25 supersetted with Close Grip Bench 225x6,6

    Got a bit of a bug. Not feeling well

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  • Week 1 Day 3

    Dynamic Effort Box Squats 12" 155x2x2, 205x2x2, w/purple bands 155x2x2, 205x2x2

    Front Squats 140x5, 210x3, 175x7

    Green Band Leg Extensions 3x19

    Dumbbell Rows 110x12,11,11

    Feeling worn down

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  • Week 1 Day 4

    Dynamic Effort Bench Press w/mini bands 155x4x3

    Dynamic Effort Mil Press 95x4x3

    Push Press 135x3, 155x3, 175x3

    Chins Bodyweight (BW)x7,6,6

    Shrugs (3 sec hold at top) 215x8,8,8

    Wide Grip Bench Press w/4 sec pause (at chest) 215x4, 225x4, 235x4

    JM Press (1/2 close grip bench, 1/2 tricep ext) 130x12,12

    Close Grip 2 Board Press 255x6, 275x2

    Green Band Overhead Extensions 2x14

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  • Week 2 Day 1

    12" Box Squats 285x4, 315x4, 345x4, 365x1

    Safety Squat Bar with 3 sec pauses 215x7,7

    Conventional Deadlift 395x4,4,4

    Feeling very drained. Back working overtime


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  • Week 2 Day 2

    Bench Press with 2 sec pauses 260x4, 280x3, 300x1

    Flat Dumbbell Press 75x13,13,13

    L Holds 4x23seconds

    Left elbow and Right shoulder real sore. Ended the session early. 

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  • Week 2 Day 3

    12" Dynamic Effort Box Squat 155x2x2, 205x2x2, with light band 155x2x, 205x2x2

    Front Squat 140x5, 210x3,3, 175x5,5

    Green Band Extensions (TKE's) 3x20,20,19

    Dumbbell Rows 110x3x12

    Pullthroughs 3x8

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  • Week 2 Day 4

    Dynamic Effort (DE) bench with mini bands 155x4x3

    DE Mil Press 95x4x3

    Push Press 140x4, 160x3, 185x5

    Chins BWx7,7,6

    Shrugs 3 sets

    Wide Grip Bench Press w/4 sec pauses 215x5, 225x5, 235x5

    Close Grip (CG)  2 Board Press (CGBP) Press 255x8,7

    Overhead Extensions 3 sets

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  • Unfortunately I've had to drop out of the meet. With the shoulder and elbow injuries I can't do much and have had to alter my training significantly. That 300lb bench was way heavier than it should been. So my new goals are to start dropping weight and get ready for deer season. It's still over 6 months away and I'm hoping to drop 20 lbs.

    As for my thoughts on the WA supps that I've been taking. The multi vit has good quantities of the vitamins and minerals that I need to get through my training and laborious job. The pre training Brute has a nice steady supply of energy. Since I train later at night, tire's not enough caffeine to keep me up afterwards but I can feel the tingling before training and a definite energy surge. I'll be using it again for sure in the future.

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  • Not a lot to report. Changed my training around a bit since I don't have to train the 3 powerlifts specifically now. Been doing high bar squats and more beltless squats, and incline presses instead of low bar squats (how I do them in comp) and flat bench. So far I've worked up to 325x4 on the high bar and 240x5 with 2 second pauses at the bottom on the Incline presses. Nothing too tough. Taking the next week off to try and let my right shoulder heal a bit. Other than that I've started walking again in the mornings. I have a nice hilly 3km route. Takes me just a bit under 30 min to complete. This week I'll start wearing my weight vest to up the intensity a bit. Each week I'll make things a bit harder. Only 28 weeks until hunting season! 

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  • Bill Dunn Awesome Bill! check out the Outdoorsmans Atlas training pack to take your hikes up a notch. I am loving mine. 

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  • Not a lot to tell. Still just plugging away. Still getting stronger while dieting (which isn't going too well...). Upper body movements are doing well. I've taken a bit of a different approach on squats. I'm working on more range of motion rather than piling on weight. My goal of always getting stronger hasn't changed though, but the weights haven't been climbing as fast as usual.

    I read the post on Facebook about the brute pre workout and have to completely agree. I don't take it before every session but do when I need a boost. I do think it's a good quality pre training supplement and recommend it. I've tried a lot of the different ones on the market. I find that the Brute gives more of a sustained energy. The others are quick to act and drop off quickly. I'm suspecting that's because WA doesn't use nearly the amount of caffeine that the more commercial ones do. 

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  • Just watched the non spine loading squat day. Good video. I never thought about doing pistol squats with a jump band. I'm gonna give them a try this week. My back needs it!

     Another great exercise is a belt squat. There's a few different pieces of equipment for doing them but I doubt you'll find very many gyms that would have them. I used to do them by using a dip belt and attaching weights onto it then straddling 2 jump boxes (like in the video and let the weight dangle down between the boxes. Only drawback to that is that you'll be forced to use a wide stance. 

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  • Hey Bill,

    I really like that one as well. I have seen people hang on to kettlebells and dumbbells also and being up on those boxes allows for some good depth and ROM. I might have to put that one in a Wild Skill in the future. Any other exercises that you have please let me know. 

    Stay Wild!

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  • 1st week of a 3 week wave. I haven't used a standard olympic bar in forever, using a safety squat bar instead for my squats. So first week in I didn't push too hard, want to get a feel for the straight bar again. Worked up to 306x6, which is a RPE of about 6. I coulda likely done 10. 
    Anyways..., I tried them band assisted pistol squats. Bear in mind that I can't do a single one unassisted. I was able to get up to...3. Yup, 3 reps, and they were flat out brutal too...

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  • WA folks, how long does it take to get the Altra shoes to ship? My fat feet would love some wide shoes. I'll be in the States in a few weeks 

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