Hunting Athlete, Cancer Dad: WOW!! I truly surprised myself!!

WOW!! I truly surprised myself!!

On one of my earlier blogs I talked about setting and reaching goals.  In that blog I talked about the fact I had been chasing a running goal of a sub 36 minute 5K.  In the past I had come close but had never reached it.  Yesterday morning I ran a 9K race as a fundraiser for the Sheriff's Office K9 unit.  When I started my goal was to finish and have a decent time compared to previous runs I have done.  Over the last few weeks I haven't really pushed my speed or distance in my runs, I just got it done.  I started out fast for me, but it wasn't until I finished my first mile, which was 9:57.  This was probably the fastest mile I have run in close to 20 years!!  At this point I knew I needed to slow down or I'd burn out.  As I closed in on 5K mark I knew again I'd be faster then any previous 5K, but here I was running a 9K.  When I crossed the finish line and I puled up the numbers it really hit me.  Not only did I beat my previous 5K time by over 4 minutes, I finished the 9K at 11:57 per mile pace, well faster then any race I have ever done.

The hard part for me now is setting a new goal.  I'm built for comfort, not speed!!  Can I run a sub 30 minute 5K?  Can I run at a 10 minute mile pace?  I'm not sure, but I sure as hell am going to try.  I will say for the first time I am seeing what a good, healthy diet will do for you.......... Your body truly is an engine and you need to fuel it properly!!

Here I am coming in to the finish of my 9K!

Just keep this in mind........ If I can do it, anyone can!

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