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Have you had any experience using altitude advantage for ultra endurance training at sea level? Does it help maintain red blood cell counts?

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  • Hey Jim, 

    Altitude Advantage has lots of advantages that are conferred at sea level as well as at altitude (improved blood circulation, reduced oxidative damage, immune support, etc.).  Among these benefits is the protection of Red Blood Cells, definitely.  I'm attaching a couple references that support the beneficial effects of Rhodiola (Golden Root) on RBCs.  This herb alone addresses the issues raised but its activity is fortified by the entirety of the formulation of Altitude Advantage.


    Salidroside protects human erythrocytes against hydrogen peroxide-induced apoptosis.


    In vitro protective effect of Rhodiola rosea extract against hypochlorous acid-induced oxidative damage in human erythrocytes.


    Please let us know if you have any other questions. We'd also love to hear more about how you intend on training with Altitude Advantage and how it benefits you. 


    Thank you,

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  • Wilderness Athlete 

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  • Hey thanx for the response. I’ve had such good luck w the Superman drink I’ll order some AA nxt wk when I’m off vacation. Thanx again for the info.

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  • Wilderness Athlete hey coach, received my altitude advantage. After reading the instructions was wondering if it could be taken daily to use over a summer of multiple events and training? Thanx


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