The Scale Lies


I am looking forward to dropping so unwanted fat this winter/spring. I was on a remote tour to South Korea for the last year and now I am back with the family in our new house in Dover, DE. I am using a custom stack to get back after the fitness lifestyle. I was down to around 17% body fat while in Korea. Towards the end I was stressed out about our move from South Dakota to Delaware and trying to figure out a new shop and area. So in turn my diet went to hell in a hand basket. It didn't get much better when we got to DE either. Now that the holidays are over and we are getting settled into our new life here in DE, I am excited to get back on track with everything. I have the luxury of using an InBody Test machine to monitor my BF percentage. I did a test when we first got here in DE I was 200# and 22.7% BF on 5 DEC, today I did another test and was 203# and 21.6% BF. That is why I titled my post The Scale Lies, if I was going strictly off of just the number on the scale I would think what little I have changed in the last month is not working, which is obviously not true since I am down 1% in BF. I hope my posts can keep people motivated to continue on their own journeys, I will continue to post my InBody results so we as a group can see just how much the body can change even if the scale isn't changing as fast a we would like. Feel free to also follow me on Instagram

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  • Here is my InBody printout 

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  • Hi Clint, that's pretty awesome you have access to the InBody test machine! The number on the scale definitely can be misleading, much like BMI, so keep us updated on your progress! 

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  • Hey Clint,

    This is an awesome tool to start off to really track your progress. I want to see if I can do something similar. It is so true how that scale lies. Someone could be working so hard in the gym and watching their nutrition and when they step on the scale they see no change.Whats the deal?! What is changing is their body composition. Muscle is much more dense than fat and people should pay attention to their waist size as well as the scale. It all comes back to Muscle Management because thats where the long term success comes from. The more muscle that you preserve and build the more fat gets burned. 

    Would love to see some of your posts and workouts on here if you can and cant wait to see the results. 

    Happy New Year!

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  • Update, 

    Me and the wife joined a meltdown challenge here on base, it runs from 3rd week in Jan to 3rd week in April. When I did the inbody for the challenge I was down another 1% bf up another pound of muscle. I have been laid up recovering from having a vasectomy 😰 on the 24th and will be for another few days. But thanks to WA meal replacement shakes and lean life I have been able to not add to many pounds or loose any muscle I feel during my recovery. I am patiently as possible waiting to hit the trails with a pack and the gym again. 

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  • Update #2 been getting back to a pretty good routine after the procedure, feels great to be on a schedule again. I am going to do the inbody again this week and see how things are looking. 

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  • Goodluck Clint,

    Glad your feeling better and hoping to see you add to your results and see how that new Inbody Printout has changed.


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  • Glad you are back to your routine! Schedule's are definitely nice, living spontaneously is overrated :) Meal Replacement shakes are so great for just maintaining weight too, you know you aren't eating too many calories with one plus you are getting all of that fiber! Can't wait to see your next Inbody printout! 

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  • Finishing up on my melt down challenge for work, final weigh in is next week so we will see how things went. It defiantly didn't go as smooth as wanted, with my birthday and the wife's birhtday last month and then easter and 12 hr shifts at work the last week the diet didn't stay as clean as hoped. But we will see how the numbers look next week on the inbody.  

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