Hunting Athlete, Cancer Dad: It was bound to happen

It was bound to happen

Well, I knew it would happen at some point and it did, for the first time I gained weight during the week.  It was just over a pound, but it happened.  Was it my fault, yes and no.  Without making excuses, I could have eaten a little cleaner, but due to a major flair up of gout, not only couldn't I run, I could barely walk.  Here it is, Saturday morning, and I haven't worked out since Sunday.  I'm going to try and lift today, but I'm still popping Motrin like it's halloween candy!

I am proud of myself in that I think I have had a total of three pieces of the boys halloween candy, so that's a plus.  And I'm still eating fairly clean, but the wife made spaghetti with homemade bread and beef stew with from scratch biscuits, so the bread and biscuits were my downfall.  It didn't help that I was extremely hungry and they were really good.

I think the big thing now is to get back on the horse and get after it.  I've gotta lift and if I can't run I will try to get on the bike and just get some exercise!

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  • Don't be so hard on yourself   The scale is not the best way to judge fitness. Most people's weight fluctuates at least a pound a day! The important thing is you are working at it and it will work. Remember muscle weighs more than fat. And taking a break is good for healing muscles is you've been hitting it hard. 

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