Dialing in Nutrition

It's been snowing in the mountains of Colorado.  Our local news is providing regular updates and there is a buzz in the air that ski season is coming.   For me, that's my time to really get out and play in the mountains.  I spend more time working in the mountains in the winter than any other part of the year.  A couple of ski areas could be open in the next week or so. 

With that in mind I figure I've got about 45 days to really dial in my nutrition so I'm ready to go when I start skiing.  Like everyone I'd like to lose some weight which is always beneficial when skiing.  The less you weight the easier it is on the joints. 

I'm working on trying to stop eating when I'm satisfied.  Not when I'm full.  This is hard because I've quickly realized how much of a mindless routine eating has become. I also didn't realize how I would keep eating until I was full.  A big way for me to figure this out was using the app myfitnesspal and tracking my calories.  I was surprised how much I was taking in.   I have a good idea how many calories I burn and it became clear to me why I wasn't having any success in losing weight over the last few months.  I'm hoping to use this blog and site as a means to hold myself accountable. 

In addition to stopping eating when I'm satisfied, I've also cut back on grains.  I realize that in order to reach goals I have to set clearly defined targets.  That being said my goal is to eat 3000 calories a day.   I've spoken with a nutritionist and was assessed that I burn about 3400 calories a day.  It's good to be big.  Depending upon how hard I workout or a full day of skiing I could burn over 4500. 

I will check back in at ski season and see how I did.  I'm going to keep eating as clean as possible and continue with my Crossfit and Yoga.  I've had to completely scrap running for a while as my Achilles tendinitis is too painful.  Its getting better but only when I stopped running.

I have been out to shoot my bow and am feeling good doing it.  Groupings are tight.  I need to prioritize shooting over the next few weeks as our range closes at the end of the month and I'll be in my back yard or paying to use the indoor range.

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  • I have no idea how you can take in that many calories!!  With the exception of the days when I lift and run 10 plus miles would I even consider that, let alone try it.  Most days I have 2 shakes, 2 snacks and a healthy dinner and I'm lucky if I hit 2000 calories and I'm over filled.

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  • Sounds like you have the right idea Scott! As someone who was born and raised in the deserts of Arizona, I've never once been skiing. But I can imagine it does take a LOT of energy and training. Keep us updated on how it goes! 

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  • Eric, my wife says the same thing.  I've done a fitness challenge at my Gym and was equally amazed at people who were unable to take in the right amount of calories because they simply weren't hungry.   Not a problem for me. :)

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