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I started this 28 day challenge 14 days ago and it has shown incredible results so far. After the 1st week I had lost 11 pounds I have a lot to lose haha (a lot of hiking and stairs went into that too). I am going to get on the scale tomorrow to see what week 2 has done. Anyways my question is, is do any of you just keep ordering the 28 day challenge and make it a forever routine or is it just a 1 month thing then you want to wait a while to do it again? I moved up to Wyoming and last year we back packed in 6 miles for a deer hunt which I thought I was going to die so I knew something had to change this year. 

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  • Hey Remington,

    glad to hear you are having those results. The 28 day challenge is an amazing package and has tremendous value. That is why I see a lot of customers purchase back to back 28 day challenges and will even put it on autoship. They will span out their 28 day challenge over a little longer periods and use 1 meal replacement shake per day or every other day once. I myself have done it multiple times to "reset"


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  • Hey Remington 

    I personally did 2 28's back to back and had great results. I lost over 20lbs of fat along with exercise. I'm now doing some intense weight training trying to put some muscle weight back on along with the WA builder package.  In my experience you can have great success with both packages. Love these products.

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  • thanks for the input! I have liked it a lot so far. Definitely can see a difference in energy. I just started my 4th week and have lost 19 pounds so far. I started at 233 and am down to 214 so I still have a lot to lose ha. Have been doing at least 50 flights of stairs a day and the snow has finally started melting enough for me to start hanging trail cams so I know that's been a big contributor to it. 

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  • Well finished month 2 and am down 32 pounds! (Lots of hiking, gym time, etc) will definitely stick to WA! Can't wait for the hunts now. The picture on the right was taken in may and the left was a couple days ago. 

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