Home gym?

What does everyone's home gym look like? Getting my garage situated around for mine. What's some exercises you guys like?

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  • Hey Colby,

    We have gotten a lot of questions about home gyms and what essentials you NEED to include.

    Personally, my top pieces of equipment would have to be:

    1. Some sort of bench

    2. Pullup bar( maybe one that can fit between a door frame)

    3.Adjustable dumbbells - My favorites are the old school Powerblocks that I believe they discontinued but you can find on Craigslist. 

    4. Weighted Pack

    I think that we will go in depth about building the perfect home gym here pretty soon. The goal is to build it so that you are able to achieve multiple goals with all these pieces of equipment whether it be fat loss,stability/balance, muscle strength or hunt prep.

    Stay tuned and Stay Wild

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  • Hey Colby,

    Although I don't use it anymore because I moved to a local 24 hour gym, my old home gym was pretty simple. I had an old Weider multi-station weight machine, a few sets of dumbells, a weighted pack, and a pull up bar on my front porch. I also had a tractor tire in the pasture next to to house where I flipped tires and pulled sleds for hours. Many a night was spent on that old machine, honestly I really miss it!

    I loved the pull-up. Variations in grip allow it to hit a handful of muscles. My favorite exercise was the fly station on my Weider machine. When I first started working out I had hardly ever done flys before. They were new to me and they were killer!

    I also loved step-ups with a weighted pack. Great leg work and a good cardio exercise as well, especially in high reps or in a circuit.

    Hope your home gym is everything you need to make those gains, and then some!


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