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Hi! My name is Steven Berg. I’m the VP of Miscellaneous Stuff here at Wilderness Athlete. 

It is an exciting time of year wrapping up 2016 and getting ready to head into 2017. I find it very easy to get excited and talk about new goals in the beginning of the year but it is another thing to prove it and stay motivated while crushing those goals for the entire year. This is a great opportunity to take part and motivate each other.

For the past few months, I have been lifting with the Director of Gains here Jesse Paulsen. In the beginning, it was easy to keep consistent because the results were so noticeable but as they began to slow I also noticed that my consistency started to fade. My goal with this challenge is to build better habits over the next couple weeks that I can continue on throughout the year. That way when the excitement of the new year starts to wear off it will have been replaced with these habits.  

Beyond dietary and exercise habits I will be focused on increasing my endurance and continued strength gains. I will be using the Builder package during this time. I plan to hike the Rim to Rim to Rim at the Grand Canyon and take part in the Train To Hunt events along with any other challenges I come across in order to push myself.

I look forward to the coming weeks and the chance to rule our resolutions together!


- Steven

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  • Week One and Almost Two update:

        So far so good! The first week I really struggled with trying to get out of my old habits of choosing what is convenient to eat vs what I should be eating. I found the best solution for me to be able to overcome this is to cook massive amounts of food when I do find the motivation to cook that way I have food for the week that ends up being more convenient to take with me then it is to stop during the day somewhere to find something to eat.

       I've seen improvement in my strength but I haven't seen as much improvement in my endurance as I would like. Besides it only having been a week since I started another part of the problem is that when it comes to cardio I don't push myself when I'm working out on my own because let's face it its no fun it's less than no fun it's miserable. At the end of the first week and beginning of the second week, I started going to CrossFit and the added group accountability and the fact that I want to crush any competition that comes through the door has really helped me push myself. A lot of us have had one of those moments when we wonder to ourselves....Is this how it happens....Is this how I go..That is how I felt during the first workout trying to keep up with the regulars a huge improvement over a few minutes on the stair master alone before thinking I had probably gone far enough to have a burrito or a whole pizza or both. I would definitely recommend everyone finding a partner or partners to exercise with to add that extra accountability and motivation to push yourself further than you would on your own. 


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        So my 28-day challenge ended last week. I celebrated with a whole pizza and instantly regretted it. After eating so well for the past few weeks I felt pretty awful after I finished eating. The craving was more in my head then something my body really wanted.

    I ended up modifying my builder package by also incorporating the meal replacement. It really helped with mid-day cravings and also is one of the few options more convenient than stopping somewhere for food. 

    I'm starting another challenge this week in order to keep myself from falling back into my old habits. I can really feel a difference in my endurance after completing these last 4 weeks and I want to challenge myself to continue in order to prepare for upcoming events this year. 


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  • Dude, you're ripped.  Great motivation.   How's the endurance coming along?  Are you doing the Rim to Rim with Chris D.? 

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  • Hey Timothy, Thanks! Switching up my workouts to include more high-intensity interval training has really helped. I avoided cardio like the plague before and it caught up with me. I believe he will be there Kevin talked me into the idea I don't know all the details yet. 

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