High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is probably known by a lot of you, but for those who don't.. It really is the best way to do cardio in my opinion and also cut some time down on your workout. No matter how you choose to do cardio; wind sprints, running around a track, treadmill, stationary bike or whichever method you choose, if you increase your intensity for 30 seconds or a minute every so often while doing cardio to change your pace you'll greatly benefit. I personally try to push myself to run/sprint hard for 30 seconds with a minute break where I am still running but just not as hard and then start it all over again. 15-20 minutes of this is better than the treadmill or stationary bike for an hour keeping the same pace. An added benefit is you'll continue to burn calories and keep an escalated metabolism throughout the day. This method helps with losing weight and building up endurance for those long days of hunting where you need to dig down deep to make it up that last ridge.
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  • I am training for a half marathon. It lands 3 weeks before my trip to Colorado, poor planning possibly. What is the best way to balance hiit with the need for sustained long distance runs?
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  • I'll be honest with you, Dan, I don't really know too much about long distance training. So I don't want to say something that could interfere with your training, but if you gradually incorporate hiit into your training you could see some benefits. I think it could be a good mixture to trick your body and possibly overcome any plateaus if you've been hitting any or struggling with a certain aspect of training.
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  • A fellow HIIT fan! Haha I used to use the old jogging 5 miles concept a lot until I read about interval cardio. The only cardio machine I have is a Nordictrack skier. It has adjustable resistance on the skies and 3 incline settings. Used to keep a steady pace on it for 45 minutes or so until I tried HIIT. I go a minute at 50% speed/effort, then go up 10% every minute. After I've completed a minute of 90% speed/effort, I start the cycle over. I go through it 4 times, which takes 20 minutes exactly. It certainly does exhaust me a lot more than steady pace running, and burns lots of calories. I'll be a HIIT fan for life!
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