Starting my 28 day challenge. However I am unsure of when to drink the Hydrate & Recover + Energy & Focus combo. Do you drink it before the morning meal replacement shake or just sometime in the morning?
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  • Morning Jim, Congratulations on starting your 28 day challenge. I will do meal replacement in the morning then the combo after lunch on days I rest from the gym. Normal day is meal replacement in the morning energy and focus after lunch and hydrate during workout. you can never over hydrate!!! the bottle shakers are perfect for this. Good luck Jim!!!

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  • Jim, a combo drink followed by a shake can be to much fluid for some, but not for me. I like to wake up and immediately down my combo drink in 12 ounces of cold water and take my 2-3 lean life with it. I then get dressed for the day and about 15 minutes later I make my shake in a blender and add a scoop of green infusion. I drink this along with my WA multivitamin and I am good as gold until lunch. Just prior to lunch I take my second serving of lean life. Coach P
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  • Thanks for replies.
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  • One more thing, do you mix the energy and focus with the hydrate and recovery or is it 2 separate 10 oz drinks?
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  • Jim, I mix them together to make what is affectionately called a " Superman "! That's how most of our customers start their day and this obviously cuts the volume of fluid in half. You can use the amount of water that gives it the best flavor for your personal tastebuds. Coach P
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  • Thanks again. Day 1 complete. Felt good till about 4 pm and then got real tired. Don't know if I didn't get enough calories or my body was shocked at the change. Going to try an energy and focus after lunch tomorrow and see if the helps. Power on!!!!
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  • Sounds good Jim! I wouldn't cut your calorie load too dramatically as you suggested. Peel off this excess weight a little at a time.
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