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Since this group is full of motivation and getting results, I am going to keep my journey going and share it along the way! My goal is to continue to lose body fat and gain muscle to become the best predator I can be in the mountains. I will be ordering a modified "builder" package and continuing with a custom fitness program I started a little over a week ago from ihuntfit.com . I hope everyone keeps up the great work and I look forward to sharing and following along! #staywild

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  •    Hey, Tom! Glad to have you joining us! 

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  • Awesome Tom! Keep the pictures coming! I am gonna try and do the same. We have similar goals and can use some motivation from you as well.

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  • A bit of a setback... my right hip flexor was sore last week, I ignored it and "pushed through" and Sunday I woke up and it was swollen, stiff, and sore.... Ive held off any exercises because any movement causes pain and I do not want to injure it any more than it is.  I haven't gone anywhere to get it looked at, but some of the remedies I found online such as massaging and icing, are finally starting to give an improvement.  Gonna give it a few more days of rest, see how it is and hopefully, slowly get back to the grind.

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  • Hey, Tom, one of the best pieces of equipment that I have invested in is a Foam roller. It may not be right for you now, but it is amazing on active recovery days. Here is one that is my favorite. It is painful to start off with so go slow. Roll over each muscle group 8-9 times and if you find a spot that is painful just sit there. It really helps with recovery. 




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  • Ordered!  Thanks for the advice!  I found a video on youtube the other day for a massage specifically for the hip flexor, and I kid you not I was walking better after 2 minutes, night and day!  Almost back to 100%!

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  • Awesome Tom! It's a miracle worker and you can target almost anything with it. 


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