Elk hunt readiness

Hello to the Resolution group and the WA team. My name is Bob and I'm preparing for an elk hunt in Wyoming this coming October. I live in the midwest (788 feet above sea level and flat). I went on a hunt in Montana five years ago that I wasn't ready for. This time I want to be in shape and was looking for a way to get started on dropping some pounds and building my endurance. Ordered the 28 day challenge last Saturday. Can't wait to get started.

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  • Robert,

    That hunt that kicked your butt is often the best motivator for change. When I went on my first real backcountry hunt where we packed in and spent several days living off the gear we could fit in our packs, I had a rude awakening. 

    Up to that point, I considered myself an in shape guy with enough strength and endurance to be successful in the mountains the way I had envisioned. I was wrong. After reaching numerous points during that hunt where all I could think about was getting back to the truck, I realized my fitness and health needed to be a priority rather than something I was idly confident in if I wanted to enjoy my time in the mountains. 

    The 28 Day Challenge is a great start, and sets you up very well to find motivation in the results you will see. Good luck, and just keep us in the loop! 

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  • So it begins. Day 1. The 5 Day Hunt Pack in the picture goes back a few years!!!

    One business trip, a weekend with my ice fishing buddies, and the Super Bowl. Should be interesting.

    "Endeavor to persevere" - Lone Watie


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  • Robert,  Thanks for being such a loyal WA customer through the years. That 5 Day Hunt Pack takes me back! Coach P

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  • Day 5 and everything is going great. Got a routine down for meal prep which really makes the process pretty easy. 

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  • Routine is great for meal prep, as far as getting in shape routines are great but it is also good to change things up and "shock" the body once in a while. Curious on what your exercises look like?

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  • Today is day 28!!!

    Feel great and I totally changed my eating habits because of the challenge. More fruits and vegetables than I've had in years. I also switched to turkey, chicken and bison as my main meat intake (I really like bison!!!). Before the challenge I was a 2-3 cup a day coffee drinker and averaged 10-15 beers during a week. I think I've only had about 6 cups of coffee and maybe 10 beers (light) during the entire challenge. 

    Before the challenge I worked out "occasionally". Now I'm putting in about an hour on a daily basis. It's starting to warm up here in the Midwest so I'm looking forward to getting on my bike and being able to hike the woods.

    My Elk hunt that was a year off is now only 7 months away so I gotta "keep at it".

    Thanks WA for supplying a plan. The hunt is my motivation but the challenge really helped show the way.



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  • Question for the group/community.

    I've been doing workouts that I came up with on my own and feel pretty good about what I've done so far. Tomorrow I find out if I drew a tag for my hunt. If I did (and maybe even if I didn't) I was kind of interested in Train to Hunt for a workout program.

    Anyone used it, and if so how was it?

    I know WA is a partner of Train to Hunt. Just looking for some honest responses.


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  • My only "mountain" to practice on!! 200 ft. elevation change.

    Starting to train with the loaded backpack.

    And yes I did get my elk tags!!!

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  • Excellent! Anything and everything helps, throw in some lunges, find some stairs or bleachers... Train hard to hunt harder! Good luck!

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