28 Day Challenge

Admittedly, I dropped the ball on starting this thread when I started the challenge but better late than never I suppose.

I truly enjoyed doing the 28-day challenge, I'm about 1 week post challenge and I'm still seeing results as I'm continuing to monitor my nutrition and get workouts in the books. Over the course of the 28 day I lost 7 pounds but didn't see much change in my body fat percentage - which is really my goal. Currently I'm sitting around 213 (26.4% BF) and I think it's a good weight for me but I'm wanting to get to around 18% BF. 

Several people have mentioned to me noticing that I've been sliming down which I suppose is nice. I do know that it took time to put the fat one and it will take time to get it off but I can be impatient at times - it being summer doesn't help.

As I get deeper into the post challenge I'm working to maintain my nutrition and keeping up with my workouts. 

Included in my post are pictures from the first week (first 4 pics) and the last week (last 4 pics) of the challenge.

I definitely would recommend doing this challenge for anyone looking to kick-start their goals, it has certainly changed my outlook on fitness and the levels to which nutrition plays an important role. 

If anyone has some suggestions on what to do post challenge (shakes and supps, meals, workouts, etc) I would appreciate your feedback.

Thanks WA!

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  • Hey Seth,

    awesome work on the 28-day challenge! This also helped me understand just how important the nutrition aspect was especially as I have gotten older. I would definitely recommend the foundational products as a must(high-performance Multivitamins, Omega 3s, and green Infusion). I also would recommend the Brute Force & Strength for the pre and post workout. They are amazing for boosting the quality of my lifts and decreasing my recovery time. 

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  • jessepaulsen Thanks for the quick reply, your suggestions seem to be in line with "The Builder Package" WA offers. On the 28-Day Challenge I was doing 2 shakes per day, would the Brute Strength replace my post-workout breakfast shake? 

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