Specificity is the principle if training that states one's training should be relevant to the sport for he/she is training for. For bowhunting, the Train to Hunt challenge is a perfect example of specificity.

How do you prepare for the pack out after a successful hunt? Have you ever tried training with weight in your pack or with a weight vest? You could easily fill your pack with rocks, sand, or a few gallon jugs of water to mimic the weight of a quarter, or you could purchase a weight vest. For me, I use a weight vest because I feel like I get the workout I'm looking for with better weight distribution on my torso. However, if you want to be true to the definition of specificity, use your pack.

A workout I did recently is below. I used my with 40lb weight vest.

Run 50 meters up hill
20 push ups
20 walking lunges (each leg)
40 1-arm alternating planks
40 squats
Shoot 5 arrows

Repeat 5 times

What do other people do to prepare for hunting?
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    • Shannon Swanson
    • If I only ever inspire one girl, that's okay with me. If that one girl puts a bow in her hand, then I have succeeded.
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    Goodness gracious everyone, sorry for all the typos. I was writing it super quick!

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  • First off I am a huge fan of specificity. I run a personal training business called 8 Point Training that is geared towards the outdoorsman / outdoorswoman. Currently I am gearing up towards hunting season & my #DeerDragChallenge in which I am challenging hunters to leave the atv at home, drag their game out themselves, film it & post it online. I've been doing heavy sled drags after my resistance work is done.
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  • There is a hill near where I work that has stairs going up it.  I put 110 pds in my Kuiu pack and go up and down the 144 stairs 10 times.  Another great exercise for legs and cardio is to tie a rope to a tire (with rim), strap it around your waist and do a series of 50 to 100 yd sprints dragging the tire behind you across the lawn.

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