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I'm back again with another 28 Day Challenge! It's been about a month or so sense I was here, and I'm proud to say that I've kept on that Golden Path to my goal. I've had a trip and a stumble, but since my first 28 Days I've cut beer from my life (but whiskey is thankfully only 65 cal a shot!), kept myself from late-night snacks, maintained a good protein intake, and loss an extra six pounds! So why am I doing another 28? Well, my manager at my previous job just joined a branch of L.A. Fitness where I live, and this man has been working out and into fitness since he was ten. He's not a massive, bulky man, but agile and strong even though he's nearing 70! I've talked him into training me, helping me change from fat to fit! It's going to be brutal, and balancing it between two job will make it harder, but that's why I'm back. I've picked up my second 28DC to help me through the first month of, as he puts it: 'The ass whoopin' of your life!' I'll try to keep up with this, provided my arms still work! Even if it takes a year or two, I'll be seeing myself where I want to be, no matter the challenge, and I'm glad for stuff like the 28DC for keeping me alive.

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  • So, unlike the last time, my Hydrate/Recover(HR) is Lemon Lime, and the Energy/Focus(EF) is Cherry Lime. I'm hoping these two flavours really synergize well for my morning 'Superman'. I've also grabbed a package of the HR packets to take to work and the gym. Another new addition this time around is the Complete Probiotic. It has a few (million!) more probiotics than the Green Infusion(GI), and is a little easier to handle. A prospective product I'm looking at is the Ultimate Pre-Workout(UPW). Now, I doubt I'll need this for sometime; my boss is good but he's no miracle worker. But what it really is about is getting to the point in my training and journey to not only take, but -utilize- the full effects of the UPW. I want to be able to buy that product one day and know that I'm going use every last burst of energy it gives me to push myself forward. Now, I've got work at 3am, so I need to jet. I'll be back after Day 1 of the work out

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  • And I'm back! Day went great and the MR tastes so flippin' amazing after busting ass at the gym. I brought a full 32oz bottle of HR with me, and smartly brought a to-go packet as backup because I ended up burning through that first bottle! Maybe it's because I got my heart pumping and feeling good, or because of the Wilderness Athlete stuff, but I honestly feel like I could still do some more exercising! I'm getting everything prepped in advance for tomorrow morning, because I've got a strong feeling my arms might not work so well tomorrow!

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