Not sure what to do now.

Hey everyone. 

 I am training for my first half marathon and am trying to build up to the 13.1 miles. My problem is I don't always have a ton of time to run. I'm not that fast and run just under a 10 min mile in long distance runs. Is there a way I can build up endurance without running for 2 hours and 13.1 miles. Maybe running with weight or something.  

After im done with the half on April 1st I am going to try and train for the train to hunt in NC that will be there in may. I'm a GA boy and there ain't no mountains around me. I do have some pretty good hills I am running now but not sure what else I can do to train for that.  

So my last question is this. I just finished the 28day challenge and am not sure what to do now with the training I am doing. I know I want to continue with the H&R and E&F but what after that I don't know. I was in love with the tropical fusion and lime combo in my superman but am not sure what will taste good mixed now that lime is gone. But also would like to know what other supplements would be best for what I'm trying to accomplish? Sorry to ramble on so bad.  

Also what foods are the best to eat before a run or an intense training session? 

Can't wait to hear from you. God Bless. 

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  • Hey Jerimy, I myself do not do a lot of running because of that very reason. It is not necessarily bad but If you're going to keep nearly all of your training aerobic and relatively low intensity, you must be willing to potentially neglect family, work, friends and other hobbies and instead devote your time to exercise for long periods of time at an easy pace. The best way to increase your endurance it going to be with HIIT.(High Intensity Interval Training). Basically you are going to get the most "bang for your buck" in the shortest amount of time.

    " It is a training technique in which you give all-out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time". This, in essence, is what Train to Hunt is all about. If you go to Train to Hunt's website you will see a variety of great workouts that they have put together. For example if you want to incorporate shooting:


    Get as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes of

    200 yard run
    Shoot at 40 yards
    20 Sit-ups
    Shoot at 30 yards kneeling
    10 Push-ups
    Draw and hold for 30 seconds then shoot at 20 yards
    Retrieve arrows

    Or :

    High Fives

    5 min of work
    500m Run
    As Many Rounds As Possible of...
    8 Barbell box step ups 
    10 Push Ups
    1 min rest

    5 min of work
    500m Row
    As Many Rounds As Possible of...
    8 Box jump overs 
    10 Sit ups
    1 min rest

    5 min of work
    500 m Run
    As Many Rounds As Possible of...
    8 Shoulder to overhead 
    10 Toes to bar or knees to elbow
    1 min rest

    5 min of work
    25 cal Assault Bike
    As Many Rounds As Possible of...
    8 Sumo deadlift high pulls
    10 Burpees
    1 min rest

    5 min of work
    500m Run
    As Many Rounds As Possible of...
    8 Barbell lunges 
    10 Slam ball get ups 


    The Train to Hunt is a great goal to shoot for and I am going to try and do a couple this year myself. Use the Train to Hunt Website for workouts and take advantage of the Grand slam Membership that they provide. 

    To answer your other questions on what you should take nutritionally I would definitely recommend our Elite products. The key is for you to ramp up the intensity of your workouts and  to recover faster and feed those muscles. I use currently: 

    Brute Force Preworkout

    Brute Strength Postworkout( I will also have a small scoop an hour before)

    Hydrate and recovery throughout my workout.

    Foundation-Green Infusion,Omega3s, High Performance Mulitvitamins,Joint Advantage. 

    If you have any questions please give me a call Jerimy. 





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  • Jerimy, your question reminded me of the time, around 10 years ago, that I walked out to the track and noticed a young lady running 400 meter repeats. As I watched her run lap after lap with a trainer timing her intervals I became mesmerized by her consistency! I started timing her 400 meters and she consistently averaged 69-71 seconds. Her rest time after each 400 meter was 30 seconds. Now here's the kicker, she ran 40 X 400 meters with that rest in between. I was in awe. As it turned out, I inquired and found out that she was the number 2 female marathoner in the world.    So, if you are limited by time I would encourage you to do some " speed work intervals" that is designed around your fitness level. If it's good enough for world class runners you can't go wrong.   As to supplementation, I would encourage you to make sure you use our WA Elite recovery after workouts. Recovery is absolutely paramount for the next days workout and repair compromised tissue. I would stay on WA MULTI vitamin,HYDRATE AND RECOVER, FISH OILS and ENERGY AND FOCUS as needed. Also, For runners I think our ULTIMATE PREWORKOUT makes more sense than ELITE PREWORKOUT.    Finally, your precompetition meal is something you need to workout through trial and error. Some runners have stomachs of steel while others are super sensitive to fats. I will say Spicey foods tend to be problematic. I would go online and research this question on Runners World to get some detailed direction.   Stay Wild . Coach P

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  • Mark Paulsen Thank y'all so much for the help. Unfortunately my house was stuck with illness again. We had round 2 of a nasty flu and then backed that up with a stomach bug. Finally starting to get over all that mess. Looking forward to getting my strength back and getting back to work. I am way behind now with only running a few miles in the last couple of weeks. The half is in just 2 weeks now. Prayer is gonna be needed. 

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