Gut Health and Rest

So, last week I took the step of speaking with a nutritionist.  I've always carried 10 to 15lbs of extra fat and wanted to figure out why.  I am happy with my physical ability in the sense that I can run, jump, and move well.  But I've been curious how much more efficiently I could do that with less weight to move around.

I explained my athletic history and diet to the nutritionist. We discussed my family history and she immediately hit on Gut Health as a factor for me to consider.  Both side of my family have gut health issues and I never realized what a big impact that can play on your metabolism.  I read an article in the Science Journal where essentially they gave mice the same amount of food but some had a "bad" gut.  The ones who had the "bad" gut gained weight whereas the others were fine.  Even though they ate the same amount of food. 

So, i'm going to try the Wilderness Athlete ProBiotic and see how I feel over the next few weeks.

I also took a food allergy test.  Anyone with a history of heartburn, acid reflux, constipation, etc may want to consider this.  I don't have results yet but it will help me figure out which foods to avoid and which ones my body processes well.  I'll circle back and report when I get my results. 

As far as my workouts go, I've taken a week of rest.  I was really getting burned out with my routine and needed to step away.  A week plus a few days of low intensity work (yoga, walking, biking) as really reset my energy levels in a big way.

I went back to the CF box today for the first time and felt really good.  I was able to do sets of 10 Overhead Squats at 75lbs without breaking.  That seems pretty easy but a few weeks ago I couldn't only do 3 or 4 at a time.  Ski season is getting closer and i'm feeling good and rested.  I'm toying with the idea of pulling back the Crossfit schedule from 5 days a week to 3.   I think after my last break it proved to be a smart move that sometimes less is more.

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  • It's amazing how much your gut health is connected to your overall health! It's not something that is talked about enough in the health world. Let us know how you feel taking the probiotic! 

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  • 70 percent of the bodies immune system is found in the gut.  Take care  of your gut.  I thought I was doing a grand job, but 15 years ago I found out the hard way.  Woke up on a Monday morning about 2 am to the worst pain I had ever felt.  By 3 am the wife had me in the er.  By 9am after X-rays, ct scan, lab, more X-rays and loads of pain Med the er doc sent me home.


    i slept for 24 ours, woke up Tuesday morning, the pain is worse if that was possible, by 3pm surgery had been called 4pm I'm in emergency surgery, a week later they did it all again, 6 weeks later round 3.  Now I'm only living with 20 percent of my guts, both large and small.  All because an er doctor was to proud to admit he didn't know I what was wrong,  the surgeon saw it right off, a small bowel obstruction.

    the next 15 years was the road to hell.  I wished I got frequent flier miles for hospital stays.

    take care of your gut, don't be afraid to tell your doctor, you want opinions.


    life has settled down some now but it got very scary at times.


    Blessings to all,


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