300 lunges of death!

One of the workouts I did at least once a week to prepare for fall is called my "300 lunges of death" workout. Trust me, you'll break a sweat! I love it because now only does it push you physically, but mentally as well. Its endurance combined with strength training to truly test your determination. It pushes you harder and harder each round and prepares you to pack out a decent load of meat! Good luck!

Warm up for 5-10 minutes.

I increase by 20 lbs each phase. Your starting weight may differ. Each phase should be finished without stopping. Rest 45 seconds in between each phase.

- 100 body weight walking lunges
- 80 walking lunges (30 lbs)
- 60 walking lunges (50 lbs)
- 40 walking lunges (70 lbs)
- 20 walking lunges (90 lbs)

GOOD LUCK! let me know when you give it a go! If your feeling like a beast, finish with 3 sets of dead lifts, 3 sets of hip bridges.

Using the correct supplement stack is also important. Make sure you have some hydrate and recover for this one!
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  • Ouch, that sounds like a challenge.  Seems like I might need to work up to that so I can walk the next day!

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  • Great workout, Shannon!  My workout partner and I doubled this workout and called it "600 Lunges of Hell."  We went 20, 40, 60, 80 on the weight, rested 2 minutes after the 20 walking lunges, then went back up the ladder ending with 100 body weight walking lunges.  My 48 year old legs were sore for the next two days, but I can't wait to do this workout again.  Thanks for sharing it.

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